- The Mission -

Share cool open source designs and code.

Feel free to share any advice on how to make the code better in the github repositories.

- About the Developer -

Jimmy Huynh

Coder at heart.

My philosopy for coding can be summed up with three words: Simple, Testing, and Documentation. I believe that the best way to learn how to code and design is to jump right in and create projects. You don't need to learn every framework and language in depth just learn what you need to get the job done. Always remember Google, Youtube and StackOverFlow are your best friends.

My dream is to be a fullstack developer and create something that people can enjoy.


Jimmy Huynh
10116 153rd Street
Surrey, British Columbia,
Canada V3R 6R8
P: (604) 355-7791
E: jimmybhuynh@hotmail.com